Hello everyone,

Hope this finds you all keeping well on the rainy/snowy/sunny day. Just want to remind you all to check out our blog on our church website at www.stpaulswiarton.ca. Sandy R. has posted an interesting article and you may also leave a message if you like. Or, you can send your message to ourchurch@stpaulswiarton.ca.

I wanted to thank each and everyone of you who have sent in your donations to continue to support St. Paul’s through this difficult time. Your support is very much appreciated. By working together through these difficult times we are able to keep St. Paul’s operating.

If anyone is interested in signing up for PAR, I can send you a form and information to your email. You can have your donations automatically taken out of your bank account and deposited to the church’s account on the 20th of each month.
Or if you would like more information about PAR you can call me at 519-534-4565.

During the past month, our custodians, Rosemarie and Bruce have done an excellent job shampooing the carpets in the Millar Room, the Secretary’s office and the Sunday School room. They look brand new and so refreshed. Bruce and Rosemarie keep an eye on the church for us when we are not there and they noticed a problem on the roof. We had that fixed as well as the glass that covers one of the stained glass windows broke so Bruce, Wray and Dennis installed a new sheet of Lexan which should do us for a long while. Thank you to all involved.

I found this prayer the other day, when I was cleaning out old papers and thought it is so appropriate right now.

When Crisis Threatens

Caring God,
we acknowledge before you our fears;
we acknowledge before you our anxieties;
we acknowledge before you our doubts.
Help us to recognize in the depths of our being that we are not alone,
but that you are truly present in this painful hour.
We pray that you might ease our burdens
by the assurance of your companionship,
by the knowledge of your abiding love,
and by the hope we share in Jesus Christ,
in whose name we pray. Amen

Stay safe everyone, please share this message with those who do not have email,