A 'blog' is a short form for weblog, a name given to a web site function that lets people post information so that others can read it.

This blog will let the Minister, staff and members of St. Paul's church in Wiarton send messages that all can read quickly and easily.

To post on the blog, send an email to:


Your email will post, just as this one is, in the blog, most recent at the top.  Remember to sign your post because the tracking information on an email (your email address, for instance) is NOT posted.  So if you do not sign your post, nobody will know who sent it.

You can drag a picture into the body of your email and it will post to the blog as well.

There is also a comments space at the bottom that can be entered directly.

Presently there are no restrictions on this; if you begin getting inappropriate posts we may have to add some security here.

I hope this helps everyone to stay in touch.

Best wishes,

Rob Whitelock